ACM 30 years anniversary

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Wonderful 30th Anniversary£¬Create Greater Glories

 On the 30th of August, it was fruitful great day for ACM Group with coolness brought by golden autumn. We were expecting the day of ACM¡¯s 30 years anniversary ceremony with excitement. In these 30 years, ACM has faced ups and downs, good and not so good times, but with strong power united by our employees, finally we overcame difficulties we confronted. ACM¡¯s 30 years anniversary ceremony was not only to celebrate the 30th birthday, but also take this opportunity to show ACM¡¯s respect and gratefulness to our employees for their support all the time. Dedicate by our employees, reward to our employees. The ceremony fully showed the perfect harmony between ACM group and its employees.


                   ACM Group CEO Mr. Voelkner

            CEO Mr. Voelkner made a speach

               Opening Ceremony

We celebrated the great day with all kinds of activities, including mini marathon, basketball game, treasure-hunting, push-and-pull, dancing, singing, lucky drawing etc. Our players fully displayed their actual strength with the indomitable spirit. All the viewers concentrated on our players who were having fierce competition and put all their passions in loud shouts in support, which leading to more and more climaxes. In addition, ACM Group gave a dinner in honor of our employees, carefully arranged in various different performances such as Chinese Drum, Dai Dance, Indian Dance, Square Dance and Chorus. Moreover, in order to show an immense gratitude to the backbone of ACM, CEO Mr. Voelkner presented the bonus in person. Lucky drawing also pushed our evening party to another exciting climax. In the end, our evening party was capped off with a big birthday cake.


Mini marathon


Basketball Game




Big Dinner


Chinese Drum


Indian Dance


Mr. Voelkner hugged tightly with the senior staff who's worked for ACM over 30 years


Mr. Voelkner presented the bonus to the backbone of ACM


ACM's 30-year Birthday Cake


A group photo of CEO Mr. Voelkner and ACM's DMs

 Charming Scenery of ACM


Marble Fountain


Rockery and Fountain in the Mini Lake


A Quiet and Lovely Path


Mini Lake


Main Road of ACM


Attractive Night View of Mini Lake