As contract manufacturers with 31 years of experience in the field of power supplies and management we would like to make the customized products for you. We can manufacture for our industrial customers their own products and grant know-how protection in the range of up-to-date inverters, inverters/chargers etc. We have many years of experience and technical knowledge in manufacturing of power products. We also have a strong reputation for technical innovation, reliability, and production quality. Our industrial manufacture is widely considered to be the professional choice for independent electric power.


► Products
1. Inverters & chargers (12 / 24 Volt)
2. Inverters (12 / 24 Volt)
3. Multifunctional inverters & chargers (12/24 Volt)


 ► Test Procedure & Test Facility
1. Component parameter test (ICT test)
Test Facility: ICT machine T323
ICT machine T323

2. Semi-finished product and finished product function automatic test
Test Facility: 1). Automatic test equipment cabinet (Including the Digital Multimeter, DC power supply, Control system etc.); 2).DC load; 3). AC load; 4).Oscilloscope; 5). Computer & Calibration hardware and software; 6).UPS; 7). Automatic test jig
Finished product function auto-test Semi-finished product function auto-test
DC load AC load Automatic test equipment cabinet

3. High voltage test and PE-test
Test Facility: HV-tester & PE-tester.
HV-tester PE-tester

4. Reliability Test (Burn-in test)
Test Facility: 1). Burn-in equipment cabinet (the AC load, DC load, 3 phase rectifiers etc.); 2). Digital Multimeter
Products test Burn-in equipment cabinet


► Certification
Fontane ACM can provide all customers with certified products compliant with SAFETY and EMC Standards.